SOLIDWORKS Composer Property Value Demonstation

Greetings, SOLIDWORKS Composer user! As we learn from working with SOLIDWORKS Composer, entities such as actors, cameras, the Digger, etc. can have many properties whose values can be different from one view to the next. It could be the color or opacity of a geometry actor, a link on a button, or any number of other properties.  A Composer document can also contain dozens or even hundreds of views, which can present a challenge: if we want to make that property the same for that actor, across selected views or all views, is there some way to do that without manually editing each view one by one?

We’re happy to say that the answer is an emphatic YES, and it is also quick to do!  It requires a certain workflow, which we’ll demonstrate here.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Property Value Demonstration

For example, say we want to make only the sphere purple in all views, without altering any other properties of the sphere.

Make the sphere purple in every view

  1. Activate a view that we want to update and edit that actor’s property or properties as needed.  This will be the source view from which we’ll copy that property into other views.  We’ll update that view now so we can keep track of our progress.

    setting the source view

  2. Workshops > Views > Make selections as needed, here.  Note that the Update button in the Views Workshop is greyed out for the moment.

    Specifying exactly what will be updated in the target views

  3. To enable Update, we’ll first need to select target views upon which this change will take effect: in the Views task pane on the left, select those views.  You can use selection methods such as bandbox-select, Ctrl+Select, Shift+Select, or Ctrl+A (select all).  Note that the source view has a bolder border around it, and the selected target views have a normal border.  Notice that Update is now enabled.  Click it, to update the property or properties across those selected views.

    Specifying the target views and updating them

  4. Inspect the results of the updated views, but before we try activating the others, keep reading…

    Results of the update

  5. We can double-click to activate any of the views. At the time this article was written, the Update process left a different view active, and when we attempt to activate some other view, we may see a message asking whether to update the current view.  We’ll choose Don’t Save, which prevents unwanted changes to the current view.  However, we won’t see such a message if it was previously set to “Don’t ask this question again”.  We can restore the message this way so that it spawns in the future.

    Avoiding unwanted changes to views

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