Minimize SOLIDWORKS Drawing save time

Minimize SOLIDWORKS Drawing save time

Is your SOLIDWORKS drawing taking an excessively long time to save?  As in, seemingly forever and ever?  This article might have both the explanation and the fix.

Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2020 is the ability to open drawings in Detailing Mode (File > Open > select the drawing > Mode > Detailing > Open) for high performance when loading and saving, without loading model data.

However, when loading in Resolved mode, you may have noticed longer save times in the drawing.  This is in preparation for the next time you open in Detailing Mode.  It used to trigger only when one or more views use the Display Style of shaded with edges, but that is not necessarily the only trigger.

Reduce drawing save time

To minimize the drawing save time, if you have no intention of opening the drawing in Detailing Mode then consider doing this:

  • in SOLIDWORKS 2020 and 2021, disable System Options > Drawings > Performance > Include Detailing Mode data when saving

Include Detailing mode Data when saving Model data save setting for SOLIDWORKS 2020 and 2021

  • in SOLIDWORKS 2022 and later versions, this setting is now file-specific; it is found in Document Properties > Performance and we recommend that you preset this in your drawing template:

Model data save setting for SOLIDWORKS 2022

Try again to save, and see whether the save time has now dramatically improved.

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