HKEX announces enhancements to its market data suite

HKEX announces enhancements to its market data suite

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) announces today new enhancements to its market data suite as a pilot programme, with the introduction of an Enterprise Data Package; and a fee reduction for retail mobile subscribers.

Both of these enhancements will be effective from 1 December 2023.

Under the Enterprise Data Package, EPs and brokers with retail business can access Level 1 real-time streaming Hong Kong securities data for a fixed monthly fee of $400,000 for an unlimited number of clients and end-investors. The Enterprise Data Package is also applicable to Level 1 real-time streaming derivatives market data, at $100,000 per month. With the introduction of the new market data service subscription option, EPs and brokers with retail business will have the flexibility of choosing between a per-user subscription pricing model and a fixed monthly package, for enhanced cost-efficiency.

In addition, as part of HKEX’s commitment to make market data more accessible to retail investors, the monthly fee for mobile market data service – as charged to EPs or information vendors – will be lowered from $38 to $10, or a 74 per cent reduction. This will enable mobile device users to gain access to Level 1 real-time Hong Kong securities market data at a more competitive price as well as encourage broader participation. Individual investors can sign up this service through their brokers or information vendors.

As part of a broader review of its market data offering, HKEX plans to explore with financial regulators and other stakeholders other ways to enhance HKEX’s market data offering, including better differentiation between professional and non-professional data users. This will enable HKEX to offer more customised or bespoke data packages for different users or user groups in the future. Further updates will be provided in due course.

More details of the Enterprise Data Package and the mobile market data service are available on the HKEX website. These enhancements are offered as a pilot programme through the end of 2025, after which they will be subject to further review.