Can’t Lose Weight Smoothly? Top 4 Harmful Habits That Sabotage Your Diet

Can’t Lose Weight Smoothly? Top 4 Harmful Habits That Sabotage Your Diet

Have you set out to follow a diet to prevent or eliminate excess weight, but the results are slow to show? You don’t know exactly what’s compromising your weight-loss diet, but not achieving the figure you’ve dreamed of is frustrating, damaging your self-image or even causing health problems. There are a few habits that are inimical to your figure that you may be doing unconsciously. But once you discover them, you can eliminate them or even replace them with healthy, diet-friendly alternatives you want to follow.

For the weight loss diet to promise results, your habits don’t have to be strictly about dieting

Rest is not enough if it is not quality rest. Movement of any kind also has its part to play in this plan.

  • You only rest when you feel too tired

There’s no point in reminding you how vital quality sleep is to your body’s overall health. Don’t wait until you feel exhausted to sleep, don’t pull all-nighters and spend them on Social Media, because all of these will turn into habits that you’ll have a hard time breaking. You may not lose weight while you sleep, but rest is one factor that influences your silhouette.

Untreated sleep disorders, the habit of staying up at night are some of the causes that lead to imbalances in the hormones that regulate hunger. Lack of sleep increases the body’s need to consume high-calorie foods, high in sugar, carbohydrates and fat. If you can’t fall asleep or find yourself waking up frequently during the night, then establish a routine before bedtime.

Start listening to relaxing music, give up the phone at least an hour beforehand, read something relaxing or have a massage. The top quality Japanese massage chairs have integrated Night Healing, Mindfulness or Shiatsu programs, which support the release of muscle stress and the installation of a calm state for deep sleep. Discover the Zero Gravity range of Japanese massage chairs on

  • You don’t respect food hygiene

Even if you’ve made a point of eating strictly nutritious, figure-friendly foods, your diet could be sabotaged by eating too much food at one meal. For example, nuts, peanuts, almonds and seeds provide the body with healthy fats.

However, they are high in calories, especially if we are talking about dried fruits that also contain sugar. To manage the optimal amount to consume in a day, put a portion of about 30g in a bowl. This way, you’re feeding your body with the fibre it needs to function properly and protecting your diet at the same time.

Many people mistakenly believe that natural or commercial juices hydrate the body as well as water. Even natural juices have an intake of sugar, and soft drinks also contain colourings that are harmful to the internal organs, not just the diet. In addition, those who drink natural or carbonated drinks tend to supplement their meals with high-calorie fast food or sweets.

Moreover, drinking juices makes you thirsty, and by squeezing the fruit, you lose important fibre that could have reached the body if consumed in its natural state. Make a habit of consuming fruit instead of snacks and water with fresh mint leaves or lemon slices for optimal hydration.

  • Too few calories put your diet at risk

Excessive calorie deficit can have the opposite effect. Exaggerated weight loss diets can cause you to give in to temptation at some point and return to your old culinary pleasures. So, after you’ve managed to lose several pounds through extreme calorie restriction, at some point you may revert back to your previous eating habits, which only adds extra pounds and creates a sense of frustration.

If you haven’t identified a weight loss diet that works for you, then seek the advice of a nutritionist for a personalised diet plan. Remember that balance is the best diet for your figure, so watch the quality and quantity of your food, massage for a peaceful sleep and take long walks if you don’t play any sports.