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The Complexities of Progressive Thought – Exploring Controversial Views on Donald Trump and Various Other Topics.




(ThyBlackMan.com) Foremost, I write what I think not what I feel. I am cool either way – one can like it or not. As things stand, I have either come to accept or realize that a large collective of folk tends to conflate education with intelligence. This has become more evident over the past twenty years. It should be common sense to understand that a person can be super duper educated and at the same time absolutely brain-dead moronic. I have first-hand experience with this seeing I have been working around these kind of cats since the early 90s. Although back then it was rare.

Two events have made my observation more lucid and valid: the election of President Donald Trump and the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. These events opened the floodgates for highly educated and typically progressive elites to show the world how smart they were. Who are these folk? They have multiple degrees usually in non-math and science fields and are overtly stupid. As I stated prior, used to be rare in academia thirty years ago, but now they are around every corner.

They have a predilection to talk down to people than to engage and talk to them. They speak more than they listen if they know how to listen and have a need to project a self-import not supported by data. Their understanding of the world is that if you do not accept or follow what I say, you are too slow. It is rare for such individuals to advance logic in their positions, just feelings. Jasmine Crockett, Marc Hill, Joy Reid, Sam Harris, and any basic academic from a major coastal university, think tank or media outlet fits the mold. They also mainly abide by liberal progressive political beliefs even if it means pushing logic, math, and science to the side.

They are obsessed with white supremacy and signaling that they care about issues impacting blacks when in reality, they do not. White supremacists are not attacking random Asians and Jews on the street, nor are responsible for the car-jackings in DC or mass shootings weekly in places like Baltimore and Chicago. These are ignored because the data does not match their purported narrative.

For them, what happened after 45s inauguration, the summer of 2020, and last week in Washington, D.C. was acceptable: for in their logic, it is okay to riot, loot, and vandalize property if it is in the name of social justice. Social justice is so powerful that it can stop the spread of a virus while thousands march shoulder to shoulder. Bet they could not even tell you who the Vandals were, when they ruled, or where they lived.

They are everywhere. Get on a Zoom call, they are the ones doing all of the talking with their camera on. Personally, I stay muted with my cameras off so I can continue to work in my lab because any meeting with 20 or more is a waste of time.

They spend extensive amounts of ATP in their effort to erase biological and scientific distinctions between men and women. These people have spawned a population of kids (35 and under college-educated) who advance men can get pregnant and they are cool with this. This is the intellectual class that has given the green light to foster violence and has concluded that defacing and throwing paint on historic works of art, gluing themselves to streets, and blocking traffic in the name of some make-believe pseudo-reality is rational and normal behavior. Worst of all, these people base their political decision-making on feelings and emotions. They want you to remember Rayshard Brooks but not Secoriea Turner or Laquan McDonald instead of Heaven Sutton.

They contend that all others are racist if they believe the best people with the most talent and merit should be the main criteria for job selection, not who a person sleeps with, or their skin color. This insanity is akin to refusing to allow the best brain surgeon to save your life because they mis-gender people (another idiotic concept). Yet they can call conservatives extremist but not pro-Hamas supporters who show their anti-semitism openly across the nation at institutions of higher learning and in the public square.

They will even acknowledge that they are wrong on every policy point, but that it’s not their fault, rather it’s Trump’s. If he didn’t exist or wasn’t so mean, they say they would be able to live normal pragmatic lives.

They are poorly-read bullies without a comprehension of national or world history, and bullies always put down others because of their own insecurities to make themselves feel good. They can see that the Biden administration and congressional liberals are making things more difficult for its citizens, and they are willing to sit back and let the person in flyover country bear all the consequences of bad governance.

Yes, the progressive know-it-all would prefer hyperinflation, broken supply lines, empty store shelves, deodorant locked behind glass, new wars, more crime, mass illegal immigration, and a reduced standard of living if that means keeping Trump from the presidency.

There is something about the cognitive, emotional, and ego power of an ideology that requires a complete shattering of the psyche of those involved for them to find a way out of their darkness.

No one in their right mind would ever roll with Biden and I am just keeping it 100. I do not want to live in a time when the supposed leader of the free world avoids questions, avoids the people, and has neither a backbone nor a scrotum. I ain’t mad if you set-tight and stand by your folk or party, but as it has been said by great philosophers in the past – trill recognize trill.

I am a country boy and if I take a loss, it will be because of principle and not cowardice and I will take it. Whatever I learn from my hippocampus and amygdala to my prefrontal cortex is mine and only mine. I cannot be disoriented to the point that I ignore common sense and science.

Now I accept the perspective that the president can’t be a coward because he lacks the mental acuity and astuteness to understand anything – this is a valid supposition. Still, we need a leader, not a puppet who has no idea of anything. The United States cannot survive another four years of progressive liberal policy under Biden and his intellectual yes people, people are having extreme difficulty making ends meet now with living costs two to three times more than in 2020.

He can’t stand up to his wife, what makes anyone think he will stand up to the Middle East? While we are being attacked daily by Iran, he just stands there and turns the other cheek. He needs to, or at least attempt to appear strong so our allies do not laugh at us. Lastly, he needs to stay alive so Harris doesn’t get a promotion she has absolutely no capability of filling.

In a few signatures, he raised gas prices, and created a horrible mess at the border basically allowing illegal immigrants to flood the nation. He has been urged to take away the Second Amendment right to bear arms. What he needs to do is tighten up the border and stop the flood of illegal immigrants into the US.

It’s amazing to see how many people dislike or hate Trump and never explain it, and who listen to cats like Rob Reiner, Sam Harris, David Hogg, and Star Trek’s Hikaru Sulu.

The derangement syndrome is strong in the blood of the self-proclaimed leftist intellectual. These are not the attitudes and beliefs of healthy, happy, and productive people. These are people obsessed with status and power. They are intellectual Jussie Smollett’s seeking money and fame. They assert we can’t elect Trump and deal with the border because they don’t like his personality. Solid folk are not required to do what they do to feel validated, only the weak.

These are stupid people telling you he is awful because he’s not one of the “cool kids”. Shameful how dumb our citizens are that they fall for this kind of nonsense.

I am engrossed by all the people who say they hate Donald Trump because of his mean tweets. They overlook all of the policies he put in place that reduced illegal immigration, started no new wars, had inflation at 1.4 percent, produced some of the lowest gas prices of any of the last four Presidents, and made permanent a commitment of $255 million in annual funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Now they have to at last recognize Trump had good policy.

It’s both sad and funny that they don’t even know why they hate him. One wonders if these self-proclaimed smartest people in the room even care about the nation. They typically make millions of dollars not even doing work, just talking. People who truly care about their country focus on policies that work not personality.

They are worse than hypocrites because they change their views based on hate. It is the same thing that we see from these people protesting Israel and attacking Jews. This would not have happened without the normalization of hate. The normalization of hate is perhaps the most destructive symptom of TDS.

I think it was Jim Brown who said a liberal will cut off your legs so he can hand you a crutch. Seems this is the approach this group has taken with former President Trump. They would rather keep Trump out of office even if that means not making the lives of Americans better. Since he has been out of office, they have used their mental health disorder of TDS and directed it toward his supporters and Trumpism. Like they say, you ain’t black if you don’t vote Democrat and if you do not, it’s because you are too dumb to let me decide why and who you should vote for. Do not vote because you want the price of gas, eggs, and bacon to be like it was before Biden. And remember, Biden supports the rights of men who can get pregnant, who better to vote for?

TDS is why the nation is where it is. The intellectual class told so many uneducated TV-watching people that Joe Biden, the long-term politician had more experience in leadership and more experience in foreign policy. Wrong and only an intellectual would be dumb enough to state or believe such.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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