eToro adds Global X MSCI Argentina ETF to list of investment instruments

Online broker eToro continues to expand the list of investment instruments with the latest addition being the Global X MSCI Argentina ETF ($ARGT).

From the regional eCommerce powerhouse $MELI (MercadoLibre) to local giants like YPF, Arcos Dorados (McDonald’s franchise), $PAM (Pampa Energia S.A.-ADR) and leading bank Galicia, $ARGT opens doors to Argentina’s market movers.

$ARGT offers:

  • Diversification: Add a slice of Argentina’s economic powerhouse to your portfolio.
  • Milei’s Impact: Ride the waves of change under the influence of Argentina’s dynamic political landscape.
  • Market Movers: $ARGT captures the growth potential of Argentina’s major players.

Zero Commission applies to all newly added stocks and ETFs for users in regions where such policy is offered. Zero Commission means that no additional fees will be charged or added to the raw market spread on your stocks & ETF positions. There are also no limits on commission-free positions, and you can buy fractional shares.