Clive Harrison retires as Chairman of Fiske

Fiske plc announces Board changes.Clive Harrison has retired as Chairman and as a director of the company as of the conclusion of the AGM today.

Tony Pattison, currently a director of the Company, has stepped into the role of Chairman of Fiske plc.

Clive Harrison founded Fiske & Co in 1973, having started his career with Panmure Gordon in 1961 and moving to Hodgson & Baker (subsequently renamed Sandleson & Co) in 1965. Previously to being Chairman of Fiske’s Board he was Chief Executive Officer from which role he retired in 2014. Under his leadership, the Board decides the strategic aims of the company and ensures that the necessary financial and human resources are in place to meet the company’s objectives and that obligations to shareholders are met.

Fiske is London-based investment manager and stockbroker. It offers services to individuals, professional advisers, and companies and trusts. It also runs the Ocean Equity Fund.